WebShelf Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all information used by WebShelf.

Information storage

All information is stored locally inside user libraries. Users can create libraries and optionally assign a password to each. Passwords are stored encrypted inside each library database file and used to confirm access for modifying or deleting the library. Note that the information contained inside the library, while compressed, is not encrypted. So consider the password-locking feature a way to protect your libraries from unwanted modification or deletion inside WebShelf, but not to a way to protect database information from extraction by third-party tools.

Web information

WebShelf allows users to build a collection of information obtained from web sites. Please remember all such information remains the property of the respective web site owner and WebShelf does not provide any additional license or privileges regarding its use. In short, please be respectful of the way you use the information you collect. Do not redistribute it or republish it in any manner without the express written consent of the content owner.

Technical basics

WebShelf stores user libraries in database files. Each library specifies the structure of the shelves, books and pages. Each page's information is stored inside the database as an Adobe PDF document. While page data is compressed, keep in mind that pages, especially those containing large amounts of images, can quickly add up to gigabytes of data. The Library Management screen has an information button to help you keep track of the number of shelves, books and pages your library contains, along with the amount of storage it currently uses.

Information usage

WebShelf does not collect, use or distribute user information.


Passwords (if enabled) are stored encrypted inside each user library. But, library information (as previously noted) is not encrypted.

Contacting Us

Contact us at info@tc4u-software.com.


By using WebShelf you are agreeing to the disclosures of this Privacy Policy regarding the appropriate use of information, user information collected and information security.