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WebShelf is a new application which allows you to organize your online experience in a way that works best for you. You can create Libraries, with a Bookcase containing one or more Shelves. Each of these BookShelves contains Books, which in turn contain Pages. Fully customize libraries, shelves, books and pages with the names and descriptions you like. For example, you might create a shelf called Recipes, which contains books for various types of recipes such as Chicken, Desserts, Vegetarian, Holiday where each book contains pages of your favorite recipes. WebShelf is also there if you want to research topics, such as how to start a small business. You can quickly collect books about how to apply for a license, certifications, connecting utilities and so forth.

WebShelf also allows you to customize the order of items in your libraries with shelves, books and even pages easy to arrange as you please. So, you can organize your collection however you'd like, at any time. And speaking of which, each user can have their own library to collect information and it can be locked with a password, if you prefer, to avoid the possibility of someone accidentally deleting it or modifying your collection of pages.

WebShelf is all about you. Organize your thoughts, collect your ideas. Engage in your hobbies, interests, career. The possibilities are practically endless.

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WebShelf is available for iPad on the Apple App Store